How did I get here?

Do you ever ask yourself that question? How did I get here? Viewed as a positive inquiry or a negative plea through sobs and moments of surrender, it is a simple gut-check of self reflection in our most present of moments. As a gut-check, it provides an opportunity to either keep going or turn it around. This is how I got HERE….

I have been a caregiver since the age of 3, the age of when I became an older sister. I know, sounds pretty dramatic, but in thinking about a pattern that is created over a life, this is when my thoughts turned from thinking only about ME and my needs to someone else’s. Over the last 40 years, I have had my titles within this role as a caregiver….sister, daughter, RN, yoga instructor, manager, director, landlord, charge nurse, auntie, teacher, niece, grand-daughter and friend. When you identify with one of these, you see that we all have the capacity to give care….and we should…it is our moral responsibility to connect and help our fellow brothers and sisters. Why has it been my role of my life? Because of the ferocity and dedication with which I give.

I have learned SO much in these roles. The biggest lesson I have finally come to terms with is that unless you are giving your Self the same amount of fierce dedication in filling your soul, the care you provide will only leave you drained and depleted. This depletion leads to a constant search of filling up in unhealthy ways, i.e. addictions and temporary fixes. It can also lead to resentment due to a lack of validation and ultimately BURNOUT.

So how did you get here? How is it that you are visiting this blog, reading, searching or just plain browsing and stumbled upon this? There are no accidents or happy coincidences. Thank you for continuing to read this far and know that I am here to support YOU. The world needs your care, your heart, your ferocity. I am here to provide the wisdom through my lessons learned, tools to help you get moment to moment and advice, if you so choose. After having finally learned to fill my own tank, know that you are not alone and you will learn how to do the same. In turn, you will be able to pay it forward or at least continue in your current path as a caregiver, with more energy, more love and more power. I am glad you are here….


4 thoughts on “How did I get here?

  1. Wow cara this is so awesome of you to share your darkest moments in hopes to help others. I never would have thought you too struggle not in my wildest dreams. You were always the solid, together, kind, athletic popular girl who was happy and care free. I thank you for sharing it means so much on so many levels.


    1. Michelle, so kind of you to comment and read. You are so welcome! I have to say….out of all my friendships, I truly cherish my childhood friends the MOST. It’s like extended family. Accepting and pretty pure…but we sometimes drive each other nuts! Hope you are well!


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