Where Do I Begin?


So if you are still reading and following, I am so glad. You are definitely not alone and you can definitely start a new path for yourself. Being in the vicious cycle of productivity, burnout and beginning again is EXHAUSTING. I think we all know this on some level, but many people day after day do the same thing over and over again. Same workout, same activities, same food, same work. Same-same. There is an energetic quality to your life, a vibrational frequency. Some of us higher than others, but it is all energy, all vibration. Food, environment, people all have a vibrational “count”. Have you ever noticed that your energy increases when you are around happy people or when you are on vacation? It’s not just a fluke and our lives are all about an exchange of energy. So think of your life as transactions. You are the bank account and you either receive energy in or cash energy out. Our bodies actually crave homeostasis, a sense of balance, and your mind will stimulate you to get on a higher frequency or a lower frequency depending on what your balance is. For example, it’s a Friday night, you are drained from your work week, responsibilities, routine. What’s the craving? PARTY!!!! Right? High energy, a fill, a rush of adrenaline so the body can gear up for the next day. Saturday hits and now you are hung over, low energy. What’s the craving? Food, alcohol, more energy. Thinking of our lives as a matter of exchanges, whether it is relationships, sex, food, rest, exercise, does it put it into perspective the importance of being present and being mindful? The only way to stop the vicious cycle is being aware of the feeling, the craving, and identifying the exact need. It may not be that you just need to get laid….maybe you need love, comfort, connection and compassion.

The ideas that I am going to suggest may seem cliché and fluffy. If you are in a dark place right now, deep in your addictions or burnout, it is easy to be skeptical. In the spirit of this blog, I share this with you so you know there is a better way.

Six years ago, I had a huge prescription pill addiction. Zoloft, Trazadone, Adderall, Vicodin, Codeine, Xanax. That was my daily diet…along with the booze. I was so out of my mind, but highly functioning, mind you. I had a huge job, lots of responsibilities. I was working out everyday. Everything was totally under control. Until one evening when I accidentally overdosed. As I was chugging the codeine, I heard a voice say, “What are you doing?”. In that moment of clarity, I knew I had to stop. Right then, right there. So I did. My nursing experience helped me get clear about how I needed to wean myself off the drugs and I started running. Like a lot. I started running because I felt like I was going to run through a brick wall I had so much emotion stored up. By no means am I recommending you follow my path. Some individuals need a lot of therapy (which I have had) and medical intervention. If you think you need professional help…you most likely do.

So where do you begin today? The path to joy may seem like eating an elephant, right? You cannot eat the entire elephant, you just start with a bite. Start a journal. Over the next 21 days, choose a time to journal. Mornings are great because you have time and can carve out an extra 5 minutes. Your day starts of fresh, being mindful, setting an intention for the day. You only need paper and a pen. No fancy pants journal, do not spend any money unless you want to. Write two things everyday. One thing you are grateful for. One thing you are focusing on. That’s it. So simple. Will it work? The question is….what do you have to lose if it doesn’t?

The beginning of loving yourself is connecting to all that is going on with your Self. It’s the good and the bad, the light and dark. So maybe your first journal entry is that you are grateful that you are not hung over and your focus is smiling at every person that crosses your path. Who cares if they do not smile back? The next bite, the next part of the exercise? Notice how your energy changes when you smile. Notice how your body feels lighter in the sense of gratitude.

This is where you begin…..start simple.

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