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Clear the Mechanism


I had some free time this weekend and was pleasantly surprised to find my all-time favorite movie, “For Love of the Game” on television. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE movies that involve sports. There is something about the story that reminds me of my family, my parents and the things that really are at the core of my being. When you are raised by gifted, athletic parents, competition and being active becomes part of your soul. I cannot remember a time growing up when I wasn’t involved in sports or being involved in some sort of exercise/activity. Being involved in athletics through high school gave me a sense of determination, focus and leadership. Team and individual sports taught me a tremendous amount about life and the amount of work it takes to create for yourself the results you want. 

If you haven’t seen the movie, essentially, it is about a pitcher, played by Kevin Costner. He’s had an amazing career, is staring 40 in the face and the team he plays for is being sold. Within this transaction will be his release and the decision at this juncture is his to retire or keep playing. He’s known nothing except this life and the movie traces his final game as he reflects upon different moments over the last 2 years that are changing him, specifically a relationship with a writer played by Kelly Preston. As he begins the inning, he goes through his routine by staring down the plate and silently saying the words, “Clear the mechanism.” Upon finishing the phrase, the crowd fades, the noise disappears and it is just him, the batter, the umpire, the plate and his catcher. In these moments, he gets out of his head and strictly lets his body take over. He hurls the pitch in perfection. I’ll save the ending, but this phrase, “clear the mechanism” resonated a little more deeply with me this go around. The importance of being completely present, eliminating all the noise that keeps us distracted from the desires of our soul and our true purpose is the most important thing we can do for ourselves daily. 

Reflecting on my life, distractions have been my survival mechanism. Clearing the mechanism for me meant grieving, slowing down, listening to my soul, crying, not exercising like a fool, not starving myself, being sober, staying put, connecting, being patient, making agreements with myself and letting the universe take over.  I used to think that I was too focused, that my blinders were on and I couldn’t see all that life was offering me. For example, I would often hear, “you just aren’t open to a relationship” or “you’re too focused on your career.” These statements had me second guessing my intuition and decision making. However, I realize that it’s just the clarity that is present within myself that allows me the bandwidth to see what I am supposed to see. 

I wish I had some happy ending for you here. Clear the mechanism and life is yours! That’s not exactly how it works as we all know. Any clarity is a good thing and in those moments of clarity, whatever intuitive glimpses or thoughts of reflection are something that is bubbling up and speaking loudly. Do a little research, you know, soul searching. See where it leads and know that in those moments, you are getting closer to your true self, your true path. 

Clear the Mechanism–For Love of the Game



One thought on “Clear the Mechanism

  1. Finding clarity is a big job, maintaining it, even bigger. Thanks for this blog, the statement, ‘clear the mechanism’, and another wonderful expression of yourself.


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