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The Dash…

Personal reflection is part of my daily ritual. Learning lessons and implementing those lessons are what drive growth and feed resilience. With the end of the year upon me, I am not reaching for something new, but looking to enhance the lessons I have finally “gotten” this year. These lessons? It’s ok to quit something that isn’t the right fit. It’s ok to fully own who you are verses shrinking away to make others feel comfortable. It’s ok to throw a punch in yoga (air punch that is). It’s ok to cry in public. It’s more than ok to say that things didn’t work out (but at least you tried). It’s ok to get rejected by that job, that person, that whatever, because guess what? I only want to be involved with those jobs, those people, those whatevers that see ME and want ME, realizing that I had to be ok with ME first. Finally, it’s ok to be alone rather than be with people who do not make you the best version of yourself.

The best thing about living from a sense of purpose and presence is being aware even in the moments that seem insignificant. While watching the Ellen Show the other day, she asked a teacher about her mantra. She responded that she lives in “the dash.” Ellen asked, “What’s the dash?” She responded, “It’s the place that occupies the space between the day you are born and the day you die. Your life is about that dash.” BOOM. 

How funny is it, that the dash, is exactly that if we do not have the presence of mind. It is human nature to sprint through life, reaching, grasping, hoarding, moving, repositioning, pausing, restarting, hurrying, etc, etc. and not stopping, assessing, discovering and reflecting. No one ever says, “man, time is sure moving slow.” Right? When do we realize that our dash can be lived at a slower pace with the ability to cherish, absorb, feel and heal in order to live our purpose, connect with our authenticity and more importantly, with others and finally, know how we are spending our time. 

I agree….we only get one life and I have had more than a fair share of hustling to get everything I can out of this dash. But, I do think there is another way and there is no shame in that non-hustle game. 


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