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Closing Time…

I saw my last patient last week. My last patient in 20 years of service as a nurse. This individual made an appointment for vague symptoms, didn’t appear ill and when bluntly asked what was needed,  stated a note in order to skip a mid-term. Knowing that this would be my last patient, I felt…… Continue reading Closing Time…


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Got inspiration? Inspire others….

Inspiration…a noun, right? According to definition, yes, but I also see it as a verb, a state of being. Similar to happiness, this is something that needs constant action. It is an exchange of energy requiring presence between myself and those around me and/or the environment surrounding me. Admittedly, there are days when the search…… Continue reading Got inspiration? Inspire others….

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Connecting….in an online world

I’ve thought a bit on this post, essentially, whether or not to share this information with all of you. You see, this is probably the most embarrassing and private struggle for me that I have yet to find success….personal, intimate relationships. I have had huge success in my professional life, but personally, it has always…… Continue reading Connecting….in an online world